Edenwear Latex Care Guide

Latex is a natural based product and should be treated with care.

Apply talcum powder or one of the available latex dressing aids on the inside of your garment or directly to your skin before attempting to put it on.

Examples of Brands are: Pjur Latex Dressing Aid or Vivishine Vividress

AVOID hanging garments with thin straps or on metal hangers.

Any light color latex, such as pink and white and semi-transparent latex will stain easily. Store these pieces separately.

Be very careful with sharp objects, including jewellery and even fingernails as they easily scratch or tear your latex garment.

The following items will damage, stain and prematurely age latex , please try to avoid them coming in contact with your latex clothing:

  • Sunlight - Avoid prolonged exposure
  • Moisture - Avoid prolonged exposure
  • Oils and Greases - Beware of oil based body products including Make-up. oil based Lubricants can seep into seams which can cause the seam to become unbound.
  • Solvents - Including Nail Varnish Remover
  • Heat - Excessive heat will damage latex clothing
  • Metal objects – Direct contact with metal items such as such as coins, belts, and body piercings or copper, brass, and bronze based items can discolour your latex.


Never machine wash, tumble dry or iron latex. Wherever possible, wash latex garments by hand in clean warm water with a SMALL drop of laundry detergent. Massage the surface gently with your fingertips to remove any marks. Ensure you wash inside and outside the garment and rinse with clean water. Some latex colours may take on a noticeably milky or cloudy appearance when washed, this will disappear as the latex dries. Shake off excess water and hang to drip dry away from direct sunlight. Once dry, turn inside out to ensure both sides are completely dry before storing. Always allow your garment to completely dry before powdering the inside of the garment to prevent the latex from sticking to itself. Store away in a zip lock bag or dark plastic bag in a cool, shaded, dry place.

Shining Latex

Most people prefer their latex looking shiny, though this is a matter of personal preference. Remember that getting a good shine on your latex garments requires patience , a gentle touch and practice. The longer you have your garment and the more often they are shined, the shinier they will become. To create the effects seen in the best latex photography, the natural gloss of the latex should be enhanced by the use of a silicone based polish. There are many brands of polishing agents for latex, dispensed in spray cans or bottles. You can use a silicone spray or latex shine. Examples of brands are: Pjur Cult, Vivishine Latex Care Products.

Latex Repairs

Unfortunately we cannot take responsibly for any damage caused by poor care. We do however offer a service for any garments that do get damaged. We offer a full repair service. We can provide an approximate estimate via telephone or email and will contact you to advise the exact cost when we receive and inspect the garment.