Made to Measure

An appointment may be made to see us for your measurements to be taken if you are based in C.Town

All measurements will be kept on file for future orders.

This service is recommended for all customers wanting their latex items to fit correctly to their body size.

We will provide you with a made to measure chart and specifics on how to measure to send to the customers requiring this service.

In the case of Made to Measure services the Company will make every effort to achieve as good a fit as possible, a perfect fit cannot be absolutely guaranteed in all cases.

If the measurements for Made to Measure services are provided by the customer, the Company cannot take responsibility for any errors made by the customer in taking such measurements and any adjustments to the garment made to correct such errors will be at the customer's expense.

Made to measure pattern fee: A 10% extra fee of the total of the item will be added for a custom pattern recommended to make sure the item fits perfectly to your measurements.

Alteration or modification fee : R 250.00 per hr.

Size Guide

Please check our size guide to help assist you in making the right choice of size or if in any doubt please contact us for further assistance.

No orders will be excepted if the customer does not fit into the Small- X Large size frame.

If customers are in-between sizes or do not line up with our size chart, Made to Measure would be advised and we can make a pattern based on the customers own measurements.